On November 16th 2002 it was 10 year I have been working for BNL. I couldn't image I would have lasted so long here. On
December 18th it was the anniversary of my fourth year in Hong Kong. It was a tough year, with new job and responsability,
but very exciting, I am satisfyed (I hope my colleagues are satisfied too). Hong Kong is a much better place to work than
Hamburg, although nowhere is perfect. Life quality is probably better in Europe is a big part of life!

I was there, I went in Japan and Korea and ........mixed feelings. It was really a great experience, a holiday different from the
usual ones, a new discovery of Japan. Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka and Oita, Hokkaido and Kyushu, it was great to be there, Japan
is the nicest country in the world, with the nicest and kindest people ....THE PERFECT HOST. Not the same can be said about
Korea, and I am not saying it because of the result of the match against Korean team (Italy can only blame itself for loosing
it!!!) Really I didn't like Korea, everything is just LESS than Japan, I hope I will never go there again!! All together I saw 6
matches: Italy-Ecuador (Sapporo), Russia-Tunisia (Kobe), Italy-Croatia (Kashima), Nigeria-England (Osaka), Mexico-Italy
(Oita) and South Korea-Italy (Daejeon). It was really fun.

OK, this is a virus which affects the lungs (therefore pneumonia). The first case was in Foshan (South of China) in November 2002,
probably transmitted to human beings from an animal (birds of pigs, they all live together with people there). You may get it by
inhaling this virus which an be found in human fluids (besides the usual ones, also in droplets coming from nose sneezing and cough).  
The good news is that, in spite of all the panic, it is not so infective and the mortality rate is similar to the one for Tornadoes in USA
(much lower than in Iraq now). The bad news is that there is not much to do to protect yourself; masks are actually useless (good to use
one if you got the infection) and washing your hand often is a good advice only for people who didn't do it in the past (I suppose my
readers are clean people). So the first thing to do is STOP WITH THIS PANIC !!!! In Hong Kong more than 50% of the people have
Epathitis, Colera and Dengue Fever are normal illness and we should worry for the SARS????? Come on, stop to be a bunny!!!!